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Teen goes fishing in sewer outside his home with impressive results

By Mason White 3:30 PM January 1, 2014
Kyle Naegeli showing off his fish 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A teenage boy who loves fishing, came up with a unique way to do so.

Most boys who want to go fishing, have to wait for the weekends so their fathers can take them.

However, 15-year-old Kyle Naegeli, who is a high school student from the city of Katy, in Texas, found a way to go fishing by himself and close to his home.

He goes fishing in a sewer, which is just 40 meters from his house.

So far, he has managed to catch catfish and bluegills.

In the video below, Naegeli is seen dropping a 10-foot line attached to a worm into the drain and after a while he managed to catch a nice size fish.

In other videos, he is seen attaching a piece of hot dog to the homemade fishing rod, and it had the same results.