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Couple finds live bomb in their home near sleeping three-year-old

By Mason White 2:15 PM January 1, 2014
Toddler sleeping illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A family is in shock after they found a live bomb next to their son’s bed.

The 3-year-old boy was sleeping when someone shot at their house and threw a bomb inside.

Florence Adams, 32, and her husband Trompie Johnson, were home in West Rand, South Africa.

They were watching television when they heard an explosion in the room where their son Naidi was sleeping.

They ran to the room where they found a broken window and the time bomb next to Naidi.

They grabbed their 3-year-old son and took him to safety before they called the police, who then called the bomb squad.

The bomb squad confirmed that it was a live bomb, which would have detonated if it had been left in the house.

The couple said that they are now living in fear, as they don’t know who would want to hurt them.

“I do not know who did this, and why they did it,” Adams said.

“We opened an attempted murder case and police are investigating,” Captain Appel Ernst said.