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Woman finds her own death certificate before learning her husband had life insurance on her

By Mason White 2:57 PM January 2, 2014
Paulinah Ramosha with her death certificate  

By: David Ross
A woman was shocked when she found out that her husband had filed paperwork with authorities claiming that she had died a long time ago.

According to official documents the woman has been dead for over 11 year.

Paulinah Ramosha, 55, of Tshwane, South Africa, was declared dead over 11-years-ago by her husband, who she was married to for 21 years.

“My husband had ‘killed’ me in 2002, so he could claim my life insurance,” Ramosha said.

It all came to light when she applied for a new ID, and officials told her that she was dead.

“I looked through my husband’s documents and discovered my death certificate,” Ramosha added.

Ramosha said that her husband was abusive towards her throughout their relationship.

Ramosha is grateful that her husband never actually killed her for the insurance and only declared her as dead.

“I was trapped in that relationship. I lost the best years of my life to an abusive marriage. I’m grateful that I came out alive,” she said.

After her story became public, Ramosha received support from many people so she can leave her abusive husband.

One organization offered to help her file the necessary paperwork to prove that she never died, and that she is indeed still alive.