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Male stripper assaults women after they boo him from stage during act

By Mason White 3:01 PM January 2, 2014
Stripper Fabio (left) Leon Zbudowskyj (right) 

By: Shifra Unger
Who doesn’t like a stripper? Hot male and female strippers make a good living from their fans.

One male stripper in Wales, United Kingdom, who is known as stripper Fabio, has a lot of female fans. Women pay to see his sexy performances.

One night, when stripper Fabio was unable to attend a sold out performance, club owners at the Baltic Inn, scrambled to find someone to replace him.

They found Leon Zbudowskyj, 30, to be the replacement stripper for the female only party night.

Posters advertising the event with Fabio had been on display for weeks. Women paid £10 (about $16) to see Fabio.

When the rookie stripper took his place and came on stage dressed as a firefighter, women were not happy.

The women were very disappointed with his bad performance and booed him off the stage.

The angry stripper would not leave without a fight. He dove into the crowd and attacked the women who were booing him.

“He was just nasty, filthy, and had nothing, no six pack abs, and no dance routine. He was not shaved, he looked as though he came off the street,” one of the women in the audience said.

Police were called to get Zbudowskyj under control. He was arrested and charged with three counts of assault.

The club owners did not leave the women disappointed for long, as Stripper Fabio later appeared at the club to make it up to his fans.