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Man comes home to find a stranger with no clothes in his bed

By Mason White 1:04 PM January 2, 2014
The suspect 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A man was surprised to find a total stranger sleep in his bed.

Khumbulani Sibanda of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, arrived home to find Jabulani Ndlovu, 46, sleeping on his bed with no clothes on.

When Sibanda awoke, the stranger demanded to know why he was in his bed. The intruder grabbed a stick and beat the homeowner, according to Prosecutor Frank Ncube.

Ndlovu hit the homeowner in the head before punching him and smashing a glass door in the process.

Sibanda shouted for help and neighbors came to his rescue. They also apprehended the intruder.

Magwegwe Police arrested Ndlovu.

When asked why he was sleeping in another man’s bedroom, the suspect replied, “I am equally confused, and I don’t know how I got into his room.”

Ndlovu told police that the last thing he remembers was drinking at a local bar before getting into a taxi.

He did not remember what happened after that.

“I honestly don’t know. I did not steal anything from the complainant’s house,” he said.

Ndlovu is facing charges of unlawful entry and malicious damage to property.