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Two drunks pick up drunk driver separately from police station only to be arrested for drunk driving

By Mason White 11:54 AM January 3, 2014

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested for driving drunk. However, when her friends came to pick her up from jail, they were also arrested.

When Carmen Reategui was arrested for drunk driving on Monday at 1:45 a.m., in Readington Township, New Jersey, she called one of her friends for a ride home.

Nina Petracca agreed to come get her. When Petracca arrived, officer Peter Serrone noticed that she displayed signs of being intoxicated, so he gave her a sobriety test, and she failed.

Petracca was charged with a DUI, possession of Vicodin and driving while under the influence.

Matters only got worse for the friends when they called another friend, Ryan Hogan, to pick them up.

When Hogan arrived at the station, Sergeant Carlos Ferreiro asked him how he came there, and he said he was driving.

Hogan, who also showed signs that he had been drinking, was given a sobriety test and he failed as well.

Hogan was charged with driving while intoxicated, joining Reategui Carmen and Nina Petracca in police custody.

Reategui Carmen, Nina Petracca, and Ryan Hogan, were later released to a sober adult.

They are set to appear in court on a later date.