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Man persuades his rich wife to spend $700,000 on his mistress

By Mason White 6:46 PM January 4, 2014
Candice Feinberg and Steven Lalicata 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A woman has been conned by her own husband into giving him thousands of dollars, which he then spent on his mistress.

Candice Feinberg, 39, claims that she was tricked out of a trust fund by her husband, Steven Lalicata, 30.

The heiress claimed that her husband cheated her out of $744,105 by saying that a mobster was after him over his gambling debts.

The woman believed that her husband had a gambling problem as he was out of the house for several nights at a time, and he would leave the house during the night on other occasions.

Lalicata spoke with her husband’s cousins, who backed up his story about his gambling addiction.

The couple met when Lalicata was working at Beach Bum Tanning Salon in Manhattan, New York. They married in 2011.

Now, she believes that she has been fooled by her husband and his cousins.

With the help of a private detective, Feinberg allegedly found out that her husband has a relationship with a woman named Diana Fernandez of New Jersey.

Instead of using her money to pay the gambling debts, the man spent it on his mistress for luxury shopping trips, to buy jewelry, high end purses and furniture.

Feinberg is suing her husband and his mistress. She is seeking repayment of $744,105 and $10 million in damages.