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Man dies while trying to save girlfriend during mountain climbing

By Mason White 2:14 PM January 5, 2014
Darren Bull 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A woman was left devastated when her boyfriend lost his life trying to save her.

The couple was climbing a mountain when he fell off the cliff while he was trying to help her.

Rescuers have recovered the body of Darren Bull, 34, who fell to his death trying to help his girlfriend after she became entangled in the ropes midway through the cliff.

Katherine Donohue, who is in her 20s, and her boyfriend Bull, had been abseiling in the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday, when she became entangled in her ropes and was unable to continue.

Inspector Ken Evans said that Bull tried to help her, before falling off the cliff.

Donohue called for help several times before a tourist finally heard her screams and alerted police.

A team of rescuers, including two helicopters, responded.

Rescuers reached the woman first. They confirmed that she was unharmed before trying to save her boyfriend.

Sadly, the man was found dead at the bottom of the cliff.