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Woman calls police after her girlfriend ‘beheaded her sex toys’

By Mason White 2:29 PM January 5, 2014
Lakenya Bristol (left) Regina Watts (right)
photos from previous arrests  

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Police were called after two women got into a fight over three sex toys.

Lakenya Bristol , 32, of Florida, accused her former girlfriend of breaking her three favorite sex toys.

Police investigated Regina Watts, 37, when her former girlfriend called deputies to report that her personal sex toys had been beheaded, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

Bristol told police that she was in a relationship with Watts before she was arrested for domestic violence, three months before the incident.

When she was arrested, the dildos were in good condition. However, the next time she saw the toys, their heads were cut off.

Bristol told investigators that Watts “cut off the heads of her three favorite dildo sex toys.”

She claimed that the toys were in the custody of Watts after she was taken to jail for domestic violence.

Deputies then spoke with Watts, who denied damaging any of the sex toys.

Watts went on to suggest that the dildos might have been damaged after Bristol’s belongings were removed from her home after the arrest.

The case was subsequently closed for a lack of evidence.

Now, investigators can go back to investigate real crimes.