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Teacher offers prize to students who slap classmate the hardest over incomplete homework

By Mason White 2:08 PM January 5, 2014
The victim 

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) A teacher is defending his form of discipline of having kids slap their classmate over incomplete homework.

12-year-old Dou of Henan, China, required eye surgery after being subjected to a beating by his classmates.

This was all done under the guidance of their teacher, Deng Baozhen, because the boy did not finish his homework.

“Whoever slaps him the hardest will get a prize,” Baozhen told his students.

After enduring the pain and humiliation of being slapped by his classmates, the teacher then made ​​the boy do push-ups.

Later that night, when the 12-year-old boy realized that he could not see well with his left eye, he told his mother about the incident.

Dou’s mother, Wang, called the school principal, who promised to take care of the situation.

Doctors performed surgery on the child’s left eye, but are unsure if the boy’s eyesight will return to the way it was.

Baozhen defended his actions by saying that punishing children helps them do well in class.

The school principal called police and Baozhen has been arrested.

The school gave the family 30,000 yuan (about $5,000) to pay for the eye surgery.