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Woman, 26, sexually assaulted and left paralyzed after giving stranger ride to hospital

By Mason White 11:09 AM January 7, 2014
Katie Schlinger’s (left) crashed car, Michael Antwon Fuller (right) 

Ryan Lee Hall

A woman’s good deed turned into a nightmare when a stranger she helped attacked her.

Katie Schlinger, 26, of Florida, may never walk again after a simple trip to a hospital ruined her life.

Schlinger was in Aiken, South Carolina, to support her brother, who underwent open heart surgery at Aiken Regional Medical Center.

At 4:00 a.m., she was smoking a cigarette in a car near the Quality Inn.

Michael Antwon Fuller, 23, approached her and asked for a cigarette.

The two began to talk about her family member in the hospital.

Fuller said he was worried about his uncle, who was in the hospital and asked the woman if she would drive him there so he could see how his uncle was doing.

The hospital was only four minutes away, and Fuller who was well spoken, well dressed and clean-shaven, did not seem like a threat. Schlinger decided to take him there.

However, when they got to the hospital, Fuller told the woman to continue driving, and she did.

Fuller then took out a gun and pistol whipped her, and ordered her to keep driving.

A scared Schlinger offered Fuller to go to an ATM and give him all the money she had in her bank account, but he refused the offer.

Schlinger thought of a way to escape. She hit the gas and then threw herself out of the car.

Leaving Fuller in possession of the car, she hoped he would take off with the car, but that did not happen.

Instead, Fuller backed up, forced Schlinger to get back into the car and forced her to perform oral sex on him at gunpoint.

Schlinger then decided to crash the car into a tree so she can get away from her attacker.

Sadly, during the crash, her spine was injured.

A passerby called for help.

Fuller was found in the car. He was semi conscious with the gun in his hand.

He was arrested and charged with kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct, unlawful carrying of a pistol and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.