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Man walks around 17 days with glass in face after brutal fight on cruise

By Mason White 11:56 AM January 7, 2014
Patrick Moberg 

By: John Roberts
A man had glass in his cheeks for 17 days before doctors finally noticed it.

Patrick Moberg, 23, of Sweden, had gotten into a fight with another passenger during a cruise, last month.

The other man hit him with a glass bottle, which broke on his face.

Moberg was left wounded and bleeding after the incident.

A doctor stitched his face up at the time, but somehow, the doctor did not notice the large fragment of glass lodged in his face.

When the bleeding in his face would not stop after several days, Moberg visited several doctors, but no one knew what was wrong and they could not understand why the wound was still bleeding.

After 17 days of suffering and seeing 4 doctors, the 23-year-old went to a hospital and told the doctor that he could feel something hard in his cheek.

Finally, the fifth doctor found the piece of glass inside his cheek, and immediately operated on Moberg to remove the glass.