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Police release video of African American toddler using profanity

By Mason White 12:04 PM January 7, 2014
The child 

By: Sarah Weiss
Police officers in Omaha, Nebraska, have caused controversy by posting a video of an African-American toddler using profanities.

Authorities felt it was important to show people an example of “the thug cycle,” where adults turn their young kids into thugs.

The toddler was taught by adults to curse and use bad language.

The child is innocent and has no idea that what he is saying is very bad.

The child is being raised to use profanities and to curse at adults.

In the video, the child was seen dressed in nothing more than a diaper, while relatives recorded him with a camera phone.

The relatives were heard swearing at the toddler. They also insulted him in order to get him to swear back at them.

The relatives were heard using many profanities at the child and they were heard laughing every time the child used bad language.

They also demanded the child to repeat some profanities. At one point, a man was heard telling the boy to pose for the camera, to which the toddler responded by telling the adult to “shut up.”

“Despite the fact that it is a heartbreaking video, we are required to share it in order to educate the law-abiding public on the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children are helplessly caught in,” authorities wrote on their website.