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Man dies after overdosing on poppy seed tea using recipe he found online

By Mason White 12:13 PM January 7, 2014
Paul Dalling 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A man was looking for a natural remedy to help him chill out and relax.

While surfing the Internet, Paul Dalling, 27, of Milford Haven, West Wales, found a homemade poppy-seed tea recipe online.

The tea was supposed to relax the person drinking it, but instead, it killed Dalling.

Dalling followed the recipe and cooked himself the deadly poppy tea.

After drinking 16 ounces of the tea, his central nervous system began to shut down.

After hearing the circumstances of the case, a judge warned others of the dangers of poppy tea.

Poppy seeds contains Opium.

Opium contains approximately 12 percent morphine, which can be deadly when one consumes too much at a time.

“Drinking poppy seeds tea can be fatal as it is impossible to measure the dose, as the intensity of seeds vary from plant to plant,” medical examiner Mark Layton said.

Hours after drinking the tea, Dalling went to sleep with his girlfriend and her child.

“While in bed. Dalling coughed a lot and felt hot to the touch, but he was not in a condition that caused an alarm,” officer Jeremy Davies said.

In the morning, when his girlfriend was unable to wake him up, and saw blood around his nose and mouth, she called the emergency services.

Emergency workers performed CPR, but were unable to save him. Dalling was pronounced dead at the house.

An autopsy found morphine and codeine, both present in poppy tea, inside Dalling’s body.

The medical examiner ruled that Dalling’s death was drug related.