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Oregon mothers can now legally take their placenta home to eat after giving birth

By Mason White 3:27 PM January 8, 2014

By: John Roberts
Oregon lawmakers passed legislation allowing women to take home and eat their placenta after giving birth.

New mothers will now be able to leave hospitals with both their baby and their placenta, which protected the baby for 9 months.

This is all thanks to one of the strangest laws that came into effect this new year.

Some women believe that eating the placenta has nutritional and other values.

Others believe that the placenta has to get a proper burial.

Many cultures have long revered the organ that its main duty is to provide food and oxygen to the fetus.

Today, a growing number of women across the country eat the placenta as a nutritional supplement.

These new mothers, including January Jones, believe that eating the placenta in the form of pills, raw, or in a smoothie can help alleviate postpartum depression.

One study in 1954 done on 210 women claimed that eating placenta helps enlarge ones breasts and produces more breast milk.

The placenta contain nutrients and hormones that were passed from mother to child, but there are no clinical studies to support the benefit or harm of eating the placenta.