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Ohio police find man with 50 bombs and gun between his legs

By Mason White 2:33 PM January 9, 2014
Gun illustration 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) A routine traffic stop in Ohio, led to a man being held on $1 million bond.

Andrew Boguslawski, 43, of Indiana, was jailed after police found 48 bombs and a detonating device in his vehicle.

According to the Ohio State Police, Boguslawski was pulled over for traveling 85 miles per hour in a 70 mph zone.

When a trooper pulled him over for speeding, he saw Boguslawski’s bumper sticker, which read “If you can read this, you’re in range.”

When the officer approached the window, he asked Boguslawski if he had any weapons.

Boguslawski stated that he had no weapons or other illegal materials in his vehicle.

However, when the officer returned to the car with a ticket, he saw the handle of a gun between Boguslawski’s legs.

The officer held Boguslawski at gunpoint while waiting for backup to arrive.

Officers found 48 explosive devices and other materials to manufacture bombs. They also found a detonating device, two pistols and two rifles in Boguslawski’s vehicle.

Investigators are working to determine exactly how many explosives Boguslawski had and what he planned to do with them in Ohio.

He was accused of illegally manufacturing and processing of explosives. He remains held in lieu of $1 million bond.