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Police looking for prostitute who stole her client’s car

By Mason White 10:07 AM January 10, 2014

By: Debbi Gross
A man picked up a prostitute and it ended up costing him a lot more than the few dollars she charged.

The prostitute of Harare, Zimbabwe, stole a Toyota Vitz from her client after she rendered her services.

Lloyd Zvaita, 30, was forced to go to the police and admit that he picked up a random woman for sex.

Zvaita told police that he went to a bar where he picked up the woman, identified only as Patience, before returning to his apartment with the woman.

Zvaita fell asleep after their session. He woke up around 4:50 a.m., and found that Patience was gone.

When he was unable to find his car key, Zvaita ran outside and sure enough, he could not find his car.

“Police are still looking for the woman and for the car, but so far, nothing has been recovered,” police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chibanda said.