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Judge allows drug dealer to walk free so he can help raise his 22 children he had with 11 women

By Mason White 2:27 PM January 12, 2014
Raymond Hull with his son 

By: Eva Fett
Raymond Hull, 58, of Cumbria, United Kingdom, said that women love him and they just flock to him.

Hull is the father of 22 children by 11 different women, and the grandfather to 19, so far.

Hull enjoys a lavish lifestyle, with fancy cars, boats and many women, despite being unemployed.

Hull did not work for the past 10 years. However, he sells drugs in order to finance his lifestyle.

Hull was arrested for possession of drugs. When police searched his phone they found text messages to clients, who bought drugs from him.

In court, Hull admitted that he sold the drugs to friends and family so he can cover his bills.

Hull already had 31 convictions for drugs and has been jailed four times.

This time, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his drug dealings.

However, the judge agreed to suspend his prison sentence so that he could take care of his youngest son, seven-month-old Barry, who is child number 22, while his girlfriend goes out to work.

Hull was only able to name 15 out of his 22 children.

He said that he is in contact with many of his children. However, some of the women would not allow him to be in their children’s lives because they have gotten married and their husbands’ help raise their children.