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Man arrested after he skins and bakes his cat with onions

By Mason White 11:37 AM January 12, 2014
Cody Alexander Mann 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A man decided to bake his cat and eat it for dinner.

Cody Alexander Mann, 28, of Minnesota, told police that he did so because he wanted to know how the animal would taste “cooked with onions.”

The 28-year-old was arrested after his apartment manager called police to report a strange burning smell coming from Mann’s apartment.

When police arrived, Mann admitted that he killed his pet before placing it in the oven.

Deputies found the body of the animal in the oven and most of the cat’s skin and guts in the freezer.

Mann did not understand why police are making an issue out of his dinner choice.

Rather than taking him to jail, police took Mann to a nearby hospital for mental evaluation.