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Young man gets 60 years prison for kidnapping prostitute before carving his name on her leg

By Mason White 2:26 PM January 13, 2014
Joseph Julian Guerra 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Working as a prostitute can earn a woman a lot of money. However, the “job” can be very risky.

Women go into people’s houses without knowing the men. Sadly, many prostitutes are victims of crimes.

Joseph Julian Guerra, 28, of northern Texas, took advantage of one woman, who decided to work as a prostitute.

The court heard that when Margaret Dodd, fell on hard times, Guerra agreed to become her pimp and to take care of her.

However, during a dispute over $700 Guerra tied her up, beat her and carved his pimp name on her leg.

During the assault, Dodd suffered a broken nose, lost a tooth and had dozens of cuts on her legs where the name was carved into her flesh.

She suffered multiple bruises from kicks and blows with a frying pan, a wrench and fists for several hours.

When Guerra fell asleep, Dodd was finally able to call for help.

Guerra was sentenced to 60 years in prison and received a $10,000 fine for his crimes.

Guerra’s mother cried as the sentence was announced. She rushed out of the courtroom. Guerra was also visibly upset by the lengthy sentence.