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Nurse poses next to dead patients then asks Facebook friends to guess if they were alive

By Mason White 12:17 PM January 13, 2014
Blaze Binder poses next to an elderly man 

By: David Ross
A woman was arrested after she violated people who were put in her care.

Blaze Binder, 37, of Switzerland, who referred to herself as the “soul thief,” played a sick game with her Facebook friends.

The Filipino-born woman, who is married to a Swiss man, lives in Mogelsberg, where she works as a nurse in a home for elderly people.

She posted photos of herself in bed next to elderly people and asked her 2,000 Facebook friends to guess if they were dead or alive.

One photo was of an elderly man, who was already deceased.

Binder wrote that she was “going to send them to Hell where some of them belong.”

On her Facebook, Binder also advertised her night-time job as a dominatrix, calling herself the “queen of pleasures.”

The court ordered Binder to pay a £800 (about $1,300) fine for violating the peace of the dead.