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Women speak about their secret to success in the fish market using the ‘sex-for-fish’ technique

By Mason White 2:14 PM January 14, 2014
Women protesting the sex-for-fish trade 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Women who are willing to have sex with fishermen, get the best catch.

Many women in Kenya, have to work in order to support their families.

The competition is fierce, and women have turned to having sex with local fishermen in order to ensure a good supply of fish.

However, the sex does not end with the fishermen.

After a woman buys her fish it has to be transported to the market.

The vehicle that transports the fish has limited space, so women have sex with the driver to ensure a spot on the truck.

When the fish finally reaches the market, women try to sell the fish to vendors for a profit, and once again, the women offer sex to vendors in exchange for buying their catch.

Sex-for-fish, known locally as “jaboya,” has been blamed for spreading HIV and AIDS in western Kenya’s Lake Victoria region.

A women’s groups has launched a campaign that aims to end the sex for fish practice.

One widow explained that she has no choice but to engage in sex-for-fish because she is the sole provider of her family, since her husband died of AIDS.

Sadly, the woman also admitted that she is HIV positive, but she did not tell any of the men of her illness because she cannot afford to lose her livelihood.