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Man, 21, uses his hand as canvas and stitches portraits of his family into his palm

By Mason White 2:06 PM January 14, 2014
David Cata artwork on has palm 

By: Moses Gold
An artist showed off his beautiful artwork, which he embroidered on the palm of his hands.

David Cata, 21, of Spain, who is a music and artist student, has his family in the palm of his hand, literally, after he sewed them with a needle and thread into his skin.

The 21-year-old used his body as a canvas for embroidery portraits of loved ones in his palms.

Each of the eye-catching art works takes about four hours to complete after which Cata records himself removing the thread out of his hands.

Surprisingly, Cata said that the process does not hurt because it is only on the top layer of his skin.

“When sewing in the palm of my hand, I do the faces of people who have left their mark on my life, such as family, friends, partners and teachers,” Cata said.

In each portrait, he uses different color threads and intricate techniques to capture the likeness of each individual.

“These people’s lives have been interwoven with mine to build my history,” he added.