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Man uses his puppet to get phone numbers of women on New York train

By Mason White 2:27 PM January 14, 2014
Nigel on the subway 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A man managed to pick up women on a New York subway with his amazing puppet skills.

The ventriloquist of New York, used his sense of humor together with his puppet skills, to get the phone numbers of two women, who were impressed by his act.

He also kept people on the subway entertained and laughing during their subway ride.

In this funny video, the shy-looking man was sitting in his seat quietly when his puppet suddenly demanded to be taken out of the suitcase.

Once it was out, the puppet began looking after the women, and commenting on how cute they were.

The puppet tried to encourage Nigel to get the phone numbers of these good-looking women.

At one point, the puppet took Nigel’s phone and handed it to a woman, asking her to enter their cell phone number.

Nigel explained that when he was younger he had a speech impediment, and he “thought what better way to speak with people then have someone speak for you.”

That’s when the puppet idea was born. Nigel said that he practiced his puppet skills for a while until he was perfect at it.

Now, Nigel does it for a living and actually makes money doing what he loves.