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Judge orders cursing black American toddler and his mother to be placed in foster care

By Mason White 12:10 PM January 14, 2014
The child 

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) A young black American boy became the center of controversy, when someone uploaded a video of him using profanity.

Now, a judge has removed the boy and his mother from their home.

The 2-year-old and his teenage mother of Nebraska, will be placed with a foster family, a judge ruled.

Rather than taking the boy away from his mother, the toddler and his 17-year-old mother, will be placed with the same foster family, a juvenile court judge in Omaha, ruled on Monday.

In the video, which was released by police, the child was seen wearing nothing but a diaper, while his uncle and a family friend encouraged him to curse and use profanity.

The teen mother said that she was not in the room when the video was taken.

The 17-year-old lived with her 38-year-old mother and 19-year-old sister, who helped raise the child.

However, her mother, the child’s grandmother, was recently incarcerated on gun charges.