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Boy, 13, dies while stepping on live wire after his mother crashed into a utility pole

By Mason White 1:38 PM January 15, 2014
Zachary Stoyer 

By: Eva Fett
A teen died after his mother crashed into a utility pole causing a live wire to fall to the ground.

Zachary Stoyer, 13, tragically died after stepping on a downed power line when his mother’s car crashed into a power pole in North Carolina.

Stoyer was heading to his basketball game on Saturday afternoon, along with five of his friends when the accident occurred.

The family’s SUV, which was driven by his mother, Amber Osborne, swerved off the road and hit the pole.

The mother opened her door to get out of the car when she felt a shock on her leg.

She then warned everyone else to stay inside the vehicle, but Zachary had already stepped out and came into contact with the power line.

Police said that the 13-year-old fell to the ground. CPR was administered, but he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

The other passengers were not seriously injured.

Troopers said that the group was on their way to a basketball game at the nearby Recreation Center in Hertford County.