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Man and woman die while trying to retrieve a cellphone from Chicago river

By Mason White 2:01 PM January 15, 2014
Ken Hoang (left) Lauren Li and Phan Hoang (right) 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) Three people fell into an icy river while trying to retrieve a cellphone.

Two people have lost their lives and one is hospitalized, over a cellphone, police in Illinois said.

It was shortly after midnight, when 26-year-old Ken Hoang of St. Paul, Minnesota, jumped over a fence to retrieve a cellphone that had fallen into the partially frozen river.

The ice broke and Haong started screaming for help. His friends, Phan Hoang, 23, and Lauren Li, 21, then climbed over the fence and went into the water in attempt to help him.

However, they too fell into the river.

Witnesses called 911, and rescue teams pulled the two men out of the water, but have not been able to find the woman.

Sadly, Ken Hoang, who was the first to go into the water for the cellphone, died in a hospital while Li is presumed dead in the river.

Phan Hoang was taken to St. Joseph Hospital, where he is in stable condition.