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Television station allows worker to have sex with clients to seal a deal

By Mason White 2:06 PM January 15, 2014
19 Action news truck 

By: John Roberts
A television company is accused of allowing its workers to have sex with clients in order to get their business.

Kevin Flanigan, who works in the sales department at 19 Action News in Cleveland, Ohio, said that his company encouraged workers to use any method to develop a business relationship with new clients, including giving customers oral sex.

Managers are said to have turned a blind eye to the “rampant” drinking and drug use at office parties.

One sales manager boasted that she gave oral sex in front of a horrified customer, who then canceled his account.

The claims emerged in a lawsuit filed by Kevin Flanigan.

Flanigan was initially fired from the company for voicing his concerns over the sex and drugs.

He was eventually reinstated, but he claims that he was ostracized and mistreated at work.

He is suing the company for sexual harassment and retaliation. He is seeking $35,000 in damages.