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‘Devil baby’ seen on video terrorizing New York City residents by popping out of carriage and vomiting

By Mason White 12:15 PM January 16, 2014
The devil baby 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) Have a good laugh at other people’s expense.

The producers of the upcoming horror film “Devil’s Due” pulled a hilarious stunt on the streets of New York City.

They placed a real looking baby into a carriage and covered it with a blanket.

There was a hidden speaker in the stroller that played audio of a crying baby.

The baby’s mouth and eyes were actually moving, making the “devil baby” look very real.

When caring people went over to the carriage to help the baby, the baby suddenly popped up and made scary noises, freaking the daylights out of them.

At one point, the baby even threw up milk, causing people to freak out.

“It was an interesting social experiment to see how many people bother to check out an abandoned stroller,” Thinkmodo co-founder David Krivicka said.

Hidden cameras recorded the surprised reactions of people when they were confronted with the devil baby robot.

The video was then posted to YouTube for good laughs.