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Women go wild over young handsome train driver

By Mason White 12:30 PM January 16, 2014
Sun Jiaqi 

By: David Ross
Women became excited when a handsome young train driver showed up at the train stop.

Photos of the handsome subway worker in Suzhou, China, have been making waves on social media websites.

Sun Jiaqi recently started driving the train, and women are going crazy over the handsome man.

After photos of Jiaqi were published to the Internet, the driver was nominated as “the most handsome subway driver.”

The fair-skinned, sweet-faced and charming subway driver captured the hearts of many women on social media.

Jiaqi became famous and many women are reportedly taking the train just to see the hot-looking driver.

The fame has not been all positive for Jiaqi as fans began stalking him online and in the subway.

Jiaqi wrote a humble response on his own microblog in response to the attention he was getting, saying that he was “just an ordinary train worker,” who works as a model on the side.