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Man throws pregnant girlfriend out of his home because she refused to eat her vegetables

By Mason White 12:24 PM January 16, 2014
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By: Shifra Unger
A man became annoyed when his pregnant girlfriend prefered to eat meat over her vegetables.

The man threw his girlfriend out of their home because she ate too much meat.

Lawrencia Muneri of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, asked a court for an order of protection against her abusive partner.

In response, her boyfriend Malvin Chidawanyika told the court that Muneri was being a nuisance.

He explained that she often refuses to eat green vegetables and that she prefers to eat meat.

“I cannot afford to buy meat every day,” Chidawanyika told the court.

Chidawanyika and Muneri had lived together for a while. However, the relationship soured, and the man became verbally and emotionally abusive.

Appearing before judge Nomsa Sabarauta, Muneri said that her boyfriend regularly denied her access to food and told her leave their matrimonial home despite her being pregnant.

Chidavanyika told the court that their problems began when Muneri began demanding more than they could afford.

He also told the court that the two had tried to work on their relationship, but all efforts failed, and therefore, he can no longer live with her.