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Diaper wearing men seen hugging blocks of ice in freezing water to bring good fortune

By Mason White 12:28 PM January 16, 2014
Men seen hugging blocks of ice in freezing water 

By: Sarah Weiss
(Scroll down for video) Seems like some people would do anything to have good luck.

Hugging a giant block of ice may seem like a strange way to bring good fortune, but many men in Japan, did just that.

In Tokyo, about 100 people participated in the ancient Shinto festival of Kanchu Misogi.

At the festival, the men go into a freezing pool of water and hold blocks of ice close the their bodies.

This ritual is done in the winter as a purification process that is supposed to cleanse the body and soul in order to bring one closer to mystical spirits. People believe that it can bring them success, prosperity and fertility.

At temperatures of only 40 degrees, these men stripped off their clothes, changed into a cloth diaper and put on headbands before taking a dip in the icy water. The incident occurred at the Teppozu Inari Shinto shrine. During the ritual, the men also prayed.