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Man sues toothpaste company after failing to attract women as their advertisements promised

By Mason White 9:09 AM January 17, 2014
Close up toothpaste 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A man is suing after his toothpaste did not help him score even one date in 7 years.

Athony Olatunfe, 26, of Nigeria, saw an advertisement on television that showed a toothpaste that makes one’s breath smelling very fresh.

The advertisement indicated that the fresh breath caused by the toothpaste attracts girls.

However, for Olatunfe, the toothpaste did nothing. He couldn’t even get a girl to kiss him.

After using the toothpaste for 7 years, Olatunfe was finally fed up and filed a lawsuit against Unilever Nigeria Limited (UNL), which owns the brand of “Close Up” toothpaste.

He submitted his empty, used and unused “Close Up” toothpaste to the court , and demanded a laboratory test the products.

The 26-year-old said that he tried to kiss his co-workers, but they push him away, and they refused to go out for coffee with him.

“I had always stored it in a cool and dry place, and kept away from direct heat or light. I brushed my teeth morning and night. I did everything they instructed,” Olatunfe said.

Olatunfe thought that by using the “Close-up” toothpaste he will get the same results as the guy in the advertisement on television, and when it failed, he decided to sue the company for false advertisement.