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Father rapes his 7-year-old daughter before leaving her unconscious in pool of blood

By Mason White 9:16 AM January 17, 2014
Anti-rape protest 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A mother was horrified to find her daughter unconscious in a pool of blood after she was raped by her father.

The father, who was identified as G Nookinaidu, 35, was arrested for raping his 7-year-old daughter in the village of Dhimili, India.

The girl was taken to a hospital for a medical examination and treatment.

The mother of the victim called police and filed a complaint against her estranged husband.

Police said that the couple got married about 12 years ago, and have a boy and a girl together.

Four years ago, the couple separated after they got tired from arguing and fighting all the time. The children remained with their mother.

Nookinaidu, who works at a private hostel in Vijayawada, went to visit his children.

On Monday, he invited his wife and daughter to the house where he was staying.

When the mother went out for work, Nookinaidu raped his daughter.

When the woman came home, her estranged husband left and she found the girl lying unconscious with blood on her clothes.