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Couple arrested after hanging dog from the ceiling by the neck and posting photo to Facebook

By Mason White 12:15 PM January 19, 2014
The dog hanging from the ceiling covered in yellow 

By: Eva Fett
A couple is facing animal abuse charges after one of their Facebook friends called police.

Caroline Dunnam, 26, and Andrew Parrish, 23, of Valley Grande, Alabama, have been jailed after hanging their dog by the neck. They also took a picture of the assault and posted it on Facebook.

Police launched an investigation after Dunnam and Parrish tied a rope around their dog’s neck and hanged the animal from a ceiling. Thankfully, the dog survived.

After taking a photograph of the hanging dog, Dunnam posted the photo to her Facebook page.

When several people complained about the animal abuse, Dunnam defended herself by saying that whoever does not like it can delete her as a friend.

“If you have a problem with my Facebook page, delete me and move on. I do not care what anyone here thinks, end of story,” Dunnam wrote.

Police began to investigate the matter after someone saw the message and called the police.

The couple was arrested and their dog was placed in the custody of the Selma Animal Hospital.

Dunnam and Parish were jailed and charged with animal cruelty. Bail was set at $500 for each defendant. They were released after they posted bail.