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Morgan Stanley worker accidentally records himself having sex with three women via dog monitor

By Mason White 1:27 PM January 19, 2014
John Kelly 

By: Moses Gold
A Morgan Stanley worker is in trouble after he accidentally recorded himself having sex with three women.

John Kelly of New York City, a former executive of Morgan Stanley, claims that he did not intentionally record himself having sex with three women, but that the video recorder was there to monitor his dog.

According to court documents, Kelly told investigators that he had placed cameras in his Manhattan apartment to keep an eye on his dog , but the device accidentally caught his sexual encounters.

However, he did not give a reason as to why he posted the videos to YouTube and Vimeo.

Kelly was fired from his job at Morgan Stanley, for writing bad checks, which coincided with the day of his arrest.

He pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court to 19 counts of unlawful surveillance and attempted unlawful surveillance.

Kelly’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said that one of the women pressed charges against him as revenge because the woman was arrested for destroying Kelly’s home when she found the hidden camera.

According to attorney Daniel Parker, who is representing one of the women at the center of the scandal, the videos were not recorded by accident.

She explained that Kelly used a sophisticated surveillance system with a hidden camera, a webcam and a phone application to record his victims.

If convicted of the charges, Kelly can face up to 4 years in prison.