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Teacher accidentally leaves 5-year-old locked in school closet after she went home

By Mason White 3:46 PM January 20, 2014
Akeelah Joseph 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A mother was horrified when she learned that her young daughter was locked in a closet for a long time, as punishment.

It all happened when a kindergarten teacher in Memphis, Tennessee, locked the student in a closet as punishment.

However the teacher, Ohsfeldt Kristin, did not feel well that day and she went home early.

Before leaving, she forgot to tell the substitute teacher about the girl in the closet.

Akeelah Joseph, 5, was locked in the closet as punishment for over one hour.

The substitute teacher finally found the girl and took her out of the closet.

Akeelah’s mother, Wanda Joseph, said that the school director called two hours after it happened.

Joseph said that her daughter was never in trouble before, and the teacher never complained of having an issue with the child’s behavior.

The mother ran to the school to get her daughter. “She was cold and shivering,” Joseph said about her daughter.

Akeelah Joseph has asthma. “She could have had an asthma attack in the closet!” Her frightened mother said.

Joseph and the director of the school filed a police report on the incident.

The teacher was suspended with pay, until the investigation is complete.