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Woman takes out full page advertisement in another country asking her son to return her calls

By Mason White 3:25 PM January 20, 2014
The advertisement  

By: Sarah Weiss
A mother had a fallout with her son, so the son decided to not answer her mother’s phone calls or answer her text messages.

The desperate mother, was very saddened when her son refused to speak with her or with any other family member.

The son moved to Australia, and the mother had no way of contacting him other than through the phone, which he refused to answer.

She decided to do something dramatic to show her son that she still loved him unconditionally.

The mother bought a full front page advertisement in the Chinese Melbourne Daily, a Chinese language newspaper in Australia, where she wrote an open letter to her beloved son.

Here is what she wrote:


I’ve called you many times but you don’t answer,
but maybe you’ll see this.
Your dad and mom won’t force you to get married again,
come back home this year to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Love, your mom

Apparently, Peng’s family had repeatedly tried to pressure him into getting married, so he stopped answering their calls.

However, his family desperately wants to reconnect with him and renew their relationship with him.

The parents are apparently ready to do anything their son wants so that he agrees to return home quickly.