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Parents who were angry that their girls receive tattoos try to remove them with heated razor

By Mason White 4:13 PM January 21, 2014
Daniel Janney, Melissa Delp, and Alexander Edwards 

By: John Roberts
Many parents don’t want their children to get tattoos.

One mother, Melissa Delp, 32, of Rustburg, Virginia, was angry when her two 13-year-olds got tattoos.

She and her boyfriend Daniel Janney, 35, who is not the children’s father, attempted to remove the tattoos with a hot blade.

20-year-old Alexander Edwards was later arrested after he tattooed two girls without parental consent.

According to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, the two 13-year-olds were left in the care of Edwards, when he had the bright idea of placing tattoos on the bodies of the girls without the permission of their parents.

Rather than having the tattoos removed by a professional, the mother and her boyfriend attempted to do so by using a hot blade.

Investigators said that their attempt to cover up the act only resulted in additional scarring.

Delp, Janney and Edwards, were jailed and charged with malicious wounding of a child and child abuse.

Edwards is facing additional charges of kidnapping.

Michael Mucklow, who owns a tattoo removal shop, has offered to have the girls’ tattoos removed safely.