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Millionaire offering $165,000 to rent girlfriend for a week to impress his mother

By Mason White 2:00 PM January 21, 2014
The millionaire 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A wealthy man who is unlucky in love, decided to pay for the perfect girl so he could go home to his family for one week.

The Chinese man is looking to rent a girlfriend for 1 million yuan ($165,200).

The man wants to take the girl home to his family in central China’s Henan Province, for the Chinese New Year.

He posted his offer on Social media and it quickly went viral. The message was accompanied with a photo of the man behind piles of cash.

He offered to pay 20,000 yuan ($3,304) in advance.

After selecting his dream girl, he will take her home in a private jet.

He may be desperate, but that does not mean he will hire anyone.

The girl must be pretty, younger than 25-years-old, not more than 110 pounds and 5.5 feet or taller.

She must also be educated and she must have a degree.

He is offering 10 percent more to a woman who has a PHD, or if she is a virgin.

The post attracted national attention, with some users stating that it is a wonderful opportunity to earn a million yuan to work seven days. It would be the same salary as famous actors or singers receive.