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Son moves paralyzed father into his dorm room to get an education while caring for his father

By Mason White 3:27 PM January 22, 2014
Guo Shijun with his father 

By: Sarah Weiss
A young man has warmed the hearts of many with his act of kindness towards his father.

The young Chinese man has shown incredible love for his paralyzed father by take him to his college dorm room.

Guo Shijun, 20, grew up poor and he wanted to get an education so he can make a decent living.

However, he was caring for his father who became paralyzed in a work related accident.

Most people would understand if Shijun would give up his dream of a college education.

However, Shijun was determined to reach his goals.

After he was accepted into a university, Shijun persuaded the administration to allow him to bring his father to sleep in the dorm so that he can continue to care for him.

Shijun came from a poor family and had a difficult childhood because his mother became mentally disabled when he was young after a battle with meningitis.

He had to care for his mother, and despite this responsibility, he managed to get good grades in school.

His hard work load worsened when his father was injured at work.

His father fell 15 meters from a bridge while working in the city of Liuan, in the Anhui province, in the center of China.

The accident left his father paralyzed from the waist down.

Shijun’s grandparents took over the task of caring for his mother, but could not take care of his father.

He took his father to live with him in the college dorm so that he can check up on him between classes and during lunch.

What an amazing son.