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Man faces charges for driving through puddle of water drenching children and parents

By Mason White 3:30 PM January 23, 2014

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) This might be the first time that a person is being held responsible for driving over a puddle of water at a fast speed.

Usually, when the roads get flooded and drivers plow through puddles of water, pedestrians get soaked. Motorists keep driving like nothing happened.

Such incidents go unreported and unpunished, but in Essex, United Kingdom, a 22-year-old is facing charges after driving through a puddle of water and splashing families.

The driver did not slow down to cross the puddle of water, and created a big splash that soaked children and their parents on their way to school.

Police officer Mark Hercules, who was in the car behind the 22-year-old driver, witnessed the incident.

The officer saw that the children, who were walking to the St. George’s Junior School in Colchester, were screaming after they got wet.

“The vehicle was driven through the puddle of water at a relatively fast speed without making any attempt to slow down or to avoid the puddle,” Hercules said.

“As a result , a large splash of water soaked the children and their parents. I could hear the screams of the children as they got soaked in the dirty cold rain water,” he added.

The driver was stopped and cited for careless driving. He is facing a fine of £5,000 (about $8,200) or he could be ordered to enroll in a driver awareness course.