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Farmer’s wife dies after he accidentally dropped steel bucket on her while working together

By Mason White 3:24 PM January 23, 2014
Telehandler machine with steel bucket 

By: Moses Gold
A man lost his wife in a tragic accident while they were working together.

Arthur and Joy Turnbull of Doncaster, England, were repairing a fence on their farm when he accidentally dropped a bucket of steel on his wife.

Arthur Turnbull was operating the telehandler machine when he accidentally pressed the wrong button and inadvertently released the bucket.

Instead of pressing a button for moving the telescopic boom up and down, Arthur accidentally pressed the button next to it, causing a quick release of the bucket.

Joy Turnbull, 65, a mother of two, was holding a fence post in an upright position when she was crushed under the bucket. She fell and fractured her spine.

Joy Turnbull was taken to the Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital where she died a week later.

Investigators in Doncaster ruled the death as an accident.