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Grandfather accidentally kills himself while removing gun from home to protect grandchildren

By Mason White 3:19 PM January 23, 2014
Crime scene illustration 

By: David Ross
A man shot and killed himself while placing his gun in his car.

The man did not want his grandchildren around his gun.

He removed it from his house and attempted to place it in the trunk of his car.

The man and his wife of Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, were babysitting two of their grandchildren.

He decided to hide the gun in the trunk of his car so that the young children cannot get their hands on it.

While doing so, he accidentally pulled the trigger. He shot and killed himself.

A neighbor who heard the shot, called 911 and tried to give the man CPR, but was unable to revive him.

The man’s wife and grandchildren were inside the house at the time of his death.

Although authorities have called the incident an accident and no foul play is suspected, the investigation is ongoing. The name of the victim has not yet been released.