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Woman arrested for launching business that sells alcoholic popsicles for adults

By Mason White 8:51 AM January 24, 2014
Ice pops illustration 

By: Eva Fett
A woman saw herself as an entrepreneur when she launched her business selling good tasting frozen alcoholic treats.

Alana Thomson, 31, of Vancouver, Canada, thought she had a brilliant idea when she began selling “Freezies.”

However, authorities did not think of it as a good idea, and instead, they arrested her for several crimes.

Thomson faces 14 charges, including not having a liquor license and manufacturing and trafficking alcoholic treats.

Thomson was charged under the Liquor Act, which bans producing, selling and advertising alcohol without a license.

On the website Vancouver Entrepreneur Mentors, Thomson wrote about her excitement for the business.

“I am looking to develop “Freezies” cocktails that are fit for adults. Think of our childhood Mr. Freeze, but the content is actually a lime margarita, strawberry daiquiri or some other delicious cocktail that big kids can enjoy,” the woman wrote.

She explained that her goal is to get this product on the liquor store shelves throughout Canada, by the summer.

Looks like she will have to put a hold on her business plans until she gets out of her legal trouble, and she obtains the proper license.