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Angry bus driver kicks children off bus on busy highway

By Mason White 9:05 AM January 24, 2014
School bus illustration 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) A bus driver was arrested after he ordered his young passengers to get off his bus.

“Get off the bus, I quit,” the bus driver screamed.

Joshua Walls, 34, of Morrilton, Arkansas, was a bus driver for the South Conway County School District.

One day, while driving the children home from school, Walls had a meltdown and ordered the students to get off the bus.

A Conway County Sheriff said that Walls stopped at the side of Highway 9 and Pinter Lane, in Morrilton, and ordered some students to get off the bus.

The children followed his orders and began to walk on the busy road.

Motorists who saw the children get off the bus at this dangerous location, called police.

Wall was arrested and he faces charges of endangering the welfare of children.

Another bus driver was summoned and he took the children home safely.

Police are not sure what caused his meltdown, but said that there is a video surveillance and it will be reviewed.