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Man hacks stepdaughter’s Instagram account and posts embarrassing photos of her

By Mason White 10:26 AM January 24, 2014
Bryan Duane Tilley 

By: Debbi Gross
A woman was terrorized and left embarrassed by her stepfather.

Bryan Duane Tilley, 51, of Keizer, Oregon, wanted his stepdaughter to stop hanging out with her boyfriend and stop partying.

When the 22-year-old woman, who is a student at the Oregon State University, told her stepfather that she is an adult and that she can do whatever she wants, the man began cyber bullying her.

Tilley figured out the woman’s passwords from her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and stole her personal photos, according to investigators.

The stepfather then opened an email account with another man’s name and made threats towards the woman in order to scare her away from her boyfriend.

Tilley also threatened to post pictures on her social networking accounts if she does not stop going to bars and hanging out with her male friend.

When the 22-year-old still did not listen to him, Tilley made good on his threat by posting her private photos on her Instagram account.

Tilley was arrested and charged with identity theft, computer crimes and criminal mischief amongst other charges.

He was released after posting bond, which was set at $216,000.