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Teen girl accidentally kills her 43-year-old boyfriend during sex game

By Mason White 2:14 PM January 26, 2014
Man tied up illustration  

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A 43-year-old man made a bad move when he decided to have kinky sex with an inexperienced teenager.

Jessica Burlew of Glendale, Arizona, is only 16-years-old.

She invited Jason Ash, to her house while her mother was out.

The two, who were having sex in Burlew’s room, decided to play a sex game involving asphyxiation.

The 16-year-old found an electrical cord and used it on the man.

At one point, he passed out. Burlew told police that Ash failed to say the “safe word” at which point she would have known to stop choking him.

When her mother returned home, Burlew took her into the room.

The woman tried to perform CPR and then called 911, but it was too late, as Ash was pronounced dead.

The teen’s mother said that her daughter is schizophrenic and autistic. She doesn’t understand what happened.

She was charged with second-degree murder as an adult.