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Teenager gets life in prison after stealing Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini to impress a girl

By Mason White 12:20 PM January 26, 2014
Lamborghini illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A teen boy landed in jail after he desperately wanted to hook up with a girl.

Max Wade, 19, of California, wanted to get it on with blond beauty, Eva Dedier, who was 17-years-old at the time.

However, he had one problem. The 17-year-old already had a boyfriend.

Wade decided to impress the girl with an expensive car.

He stole TV cook Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini convertible when it was at a repair shop for service.

He drove Fieri’s Lamborghini for 18 months before police nabbed him.

However, his plan failed when the girl rejected his advances.

An angry Wade then tried to kill her and her boyfriend in a drive-by shooting.

Wade drove a motorcycle when he shot at Dedier’s boyfriend while they were in a car, but he failed to kill him, and he was arrested.

Fieri was called as a witness in the case. He testified during the trial that he had never met Wade, and that he never gave him permission to drive his car.

Wade was convicted of attempted murder and of stealing the Lamborghini. He was sentenced to life in prison with an additional 21 years.