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Jail puts inmates on very bad tasting food diet as punishment for desecrating the U.S. flag

By Mason White 12:12 PM January 26, 2014
Nutraloaf illustration 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) Sheriff Joe Arpaio runs a prison in Arizona. He was infuriated when inmates desecrated the United States flag.

Arpaio said that inmates tore flags, which were placed in their cells. They also scribbled on the flags.

Arpaio decided to teach the inmates to be more patriotic.

Instead of having the inmate meet some hero soldiers who defended the country, or to teach them the history of United States, Arpaio decided to use torture to teach them to be patriotic.

38 inmates will be forced to live on a bad tasting but nutritious bread and water diet.

The bread is called nutraloaf, and it is said to be so bad tasting that people refuse to give it to their dogs.

Sheriff Arpaio tried to eat the bread and he was not able to eat more than one bite. However, he will force the inmates to live on the bread.

Nutraloaf contains vegetables and protein. Each slice has more than 1,000 calories.